Research and Development

Introduction of R&D Centre

SPC Central Research Institute has been consistently developing various chemical products, pharmaceutical intermediates, and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) based on organic synthesis. With an independent research and development system and a team of around 10 researchers, the institute focuses on a wide range of products.
The main product portfolio centers around approximately 20 cephalosporin APIs and intermediates, with a primary focus on antibiotics. The cephalosporins are produced in the 1st to 3rd generations, while the 4th generation has completed development and is in the mass production phase. Research and development for the 5th generation is currently in progress.
SPC initiated its venture into the general API sector, culminating in the completion of a general API manufacturing facility in 2018. Around 10 products have reached the mass production stage. Additionally, SPC actively invests in collaborative efforts with various partner companies, resulting in the ongoing development of numerous products.